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The Purple Story

We are a team of Talented software professionals aiming to make software learning reasonable and help Unemployed, Freshers to get settled in IT career. We help employed software professionals to improve their stack with new technologies in the industries.

With over 40 years of cumulative software Development and other leadership experience in India, US and Europe we bring deep software development expertise with a strong industry pedigree.

Our founders have previously worked on various projects and products at GE, CitiBank, Ebix, Saksoft, Impetus and Nvidia. They have also successfully launched mobile apps like Lift Buddy.

Knowledge and skill can be acquired with vigorous practice and it can be imparted to all through qualified and efficient faculty. We don't call ourselves as faculty, we are real time software developers who work for Zanjo IT Solutions PVT LTD. We dedicate an hour daily to Purple to be train the students and professionals with real time development and coding practices and standards.

Why Purple